5 good reasons for choosing Securex

Payroll preparation is a profession. It’s a profession that we manage to perfection and one where we always strive for perfection. As an entrepreneur, you will be particularly comfortable in your own field and usually less at home in equally important issues such as payroll and human resources.

That's why it's good to know that expert salary specialists are there to take care of you. Outsourcing your payroll can save you a great deal of time, money and energy. In addition, when you choose Securex, there is always a help-desk service for information at your very fingertips.

Are you considering outsourcing your payroll and do you think it important to get assistance with your role as an employer? There are 5 very good reasons why Securex is your ideal partner.

1. Your payroll is in good hands

We only work with professionals who have experience in dealing with all aspects of payroll. This ensures that your workforce get paid on time and in accordance with the rules. We are registered with the Dutch Institute of Register Payroll Accounting (NIRPA) and the Register of Payroll Professionals (RPP). In addition, we are affiliated with the Association of Dutch Payroll Administrators (VNSa).

In addition to quality, service is one of our priorities. For us, it’s about going that extra mile and always looking for the best solution. It’s about taking responsibility and actively monitoring what is going on in your business and what impact new legislation might have on you. This means that we won’t just answer any questions you might have, but we will also offer unsolicited advice.

2. A single permanent and multi-skilled contact person

 We create continuity by streamlining processes and knowledge. The processing procedure is the same for all customers. That means that, in principle, every payroll administrator can deal with every payroll. In addition, we handle your business within a team that has knowledge of some 25 collective agreements. Your business case will be rotated throughout the team. In this way, all team members will process your payroll several times a year so that all these payroll administrators will get to know your organisation. This ensures that should there be any instances where administrators are off sick, on leave, or on holiday, we can guarantee the continuity of your payroll.

3. Transparent cooperation

At Securex we stand for clear agreements and transparency. We will look at the situation together with you to determine what your needs are and which services best suit your business. We will then provide you with a personalised offer and discuss it with you in advance of agreeing an all-inclusive rate per salary slip. This means you will know exactly where you stand. During the year, you will receive regular reports so that you have an overview of all operations.

There will be no unforeseen costs or additional expenditure. Should there be any extraordinary circumstances that are not agreed in advance, we will determine a price for them and discuss it with you in advance.

4. Flexible and reliable –use of online tools

Thanks to the online payroll software from Securex, you can access your files any time, from anywhere. Via the Nmbrs® online portal, you can easily forward information, request information, make changes or ask your salary advisor a question.

Nmbrs® processes data quickly and accurately in a secure environment that is at your disposal 24/7. You can link tasks to an efficient workflow, execute automatic checks and link the package to other software systems. This saves you valuable time and minimises the risk of errors.

5. Securex – a strong partner

Securex was founded in 1905 in Belgium and has grown into an international and versatile HR service provider with:

  • 27 local Belgian offices
  • 1 office in the Netherlands
  • 3 offices in France
  • 1 office in Luxembourg
  • 83,800 customers
  • 1,600 employees
  • €257.7 million in sales in 2015
  • In 2016, Securex acquired the HR company Van Deelen, payrolls and personnel advice.

Would you like to enjoy care-free outsourcing of your payroll? Please do get in touch with us and discover what Securex can do for your business.