International payroll services

Are you considering expanding your organization to the Netherlands, or do you already have employees working there? Our international payroll services takes care of all the administrative obligations regarding the start-up of your (HR) organization in the Netherlands. All communication will be in English, and we seamlessly integrate with your cross-border payroll calendar.

Why choose Securex?

More than 30 international organizations, with over 5.000 payslips, have already chosen Securex Netherlands. Here’s why:

  • Perfect digital collaboration through our online tools;
  • Completion of all formalities necessary for full compliance with statements of account declarations and payments;
  • A permanent and multi-skilled team of experts;
  • Together with Payrocks we service in 13 countries in Europe;
  • Service available in both English and Dutch.

International payroll service for all companies

Company in both the Netherlands and abroad? You’ll have only one point of contact, one payroll calendar and one invoice.

Even if you have only one employee in the Netherlands, we provide full support throughout the entire payroll process.

You are a provider of (global) international payroll service and are looking for a suitable partner in the Netherlands.

Contact Herman Boom for more information!

Do you need more information about our International Payroll Services? Herman can tell you all about it and is happy to help you.